"A refreshing treat straight from the teat"
noo moo milk carton image

NooMöo is a new milk created for an urban population. It’s made only from happy cows placed in un-used spaces across London. This makes our ethical, simply-sourced, low-impact milk probably the freshest and tastiest you’ve ever experienced

For years, Mary the lovely British Friesian frolicked amongst Gloucestershire’s rolling hills on lush green grass on a beautiful farm she shared with her sisters. She had it all, the space, the care, the attention. However, Mary had heard there was more, and she wanted to find it. We helped Mary discover a new way of life, yes more compact, but she still has all the care – potentially even more now – than she was used to. To us, she is one-in-a-million. She gets regularly checks through the day, a natural vitamin supplements upgrade, fresh spring water (bottled in Cumbria) and as much hay and grass as she can munch. On her new London rooftop, she now enjoys full illuminated city views that change by the hour, and lives a healthier life without the risk of roaming, TB ridden Badgers and other natural predators. She's also made some new friends from everyone within our office.